Braintree District Council makes the final decision on all planning applications, taking into account the comments of the Parish Council which is a statutory consultee on all applications within the parish boundary.  All current and historic planning applications can be found on Braintree District Council's Planning Portal:

Current planning applications under consideration by the Parish Council are listed on the agenda for each Parish Council meeting and shown below with a link to the application documents on the Braintree Planning portal

24/00943/PLD Application for Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed development - Conversion of existing roofspace into habitable area, includng the installation of rooflights and windows. 8 Castle Close Castle Hedingham Essex CO9 3DH Information only, no comment required

23/01388/FUL RECONSULTATION Erection of 1 No. two storey 3 bedroom dwelling house, detached double garage and gardens. Land Adjacent 13 Bayley Street Castle Hedingham Essex Comment due 7th May 2024. A requested extension  has been agreed, which means this application will be on the agenda for the Parish Council meeting on Monday May 13th

24/00220/FUL & 24/00221/LBC RECONSULTATION 2 Proposed conversion to 1No. 2-bedroom holiday let with two areas retained for commercial use.  Buckleys And The Magnolia Tea Rooms 7A St James Street Castle Hedingham Essex CO9 3EJ   Comment due 3rd May 2024. A requested extension until after the Parish Council meeting on 13th May has not been agreed.  Parish Councillors are comparing this revised application with a previously granted application for 1 holiday let and commercial areas in 2023 which is available here: 22/03329/FUL

24/00567/HH New access and off-road parking 58 Nunnery Street CO9 3DP Application GRANTED

24/00220/FUL & 24/00221/LBC RECONSULTATION 1 Proposed conversion of existing building into 2 holiday lets with commercial area. Buckleys And The Magnolia Tea Rooms 7A St James Street CO9 3EJ   Comment due 31st March 2024

24/00436/HH  Single storey rear extension  81 Nunnery Street  CO9 3DP Application GRANTED

24/00232/TPOCON Notice of intent to carry out works to trees in a Conservation Area: Holly (T1) - Remove tree to a stump Sycamore (T2) - Remove tree to a stump.  Castle Hedingham Tennis Club St James Street CO9 3EW                          Application GRANTED

 24/00220/FUL & 24/00221/LBC Proposed conversion of existing building into 2 holiday lets with commercial area. Buckleys And The Magnolia Tea Rooms 7A St James Street CO9 3EJ       Comment due 5th March 2024

 23/02751/FUL & 23/02752/LBC Proposed conversion of existing building into 3 holiday lets.  Buckleys And The Magnolia Tea Rooms 7A St James Street  CO9 3EJ  Application WITHDRAWN

23/03007/VAR Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) of approved application 21/00422/FUL granted 21.04.2021 for: Erection of new barn to replace demolished barn following a fire. Variation would allow: the introduction of concrete panels at low level instead of the box profile cladding extending all the way to the ground ,this will also mean the steel stanchions will be on show at low level too.  Milestone Barns Sudbury Road CO9 3AD Application GRANTED

If you wish to make a comment for the attention of the Parish Council, please feel free to attend the meeting and speak in the public forum. You can also email comments for the Parish Council's consideration to the Parish Clerk at

Castle Hedingham Village Design Statement gives a detailed description of Castle Hedingham, the individual character of its main areas and the important features of its design and historical evolution. Design guidelines are provided for how these existing features should be reflected in any future development. It identifies the physical qualities and characteristics of the village and the surroundings that are valued by local people and any particular aspects they would like to conserve and protect. 

The Local Plan 2033 is one of the documents that make up the development plan for Braintree District. The full document can be viewed here:  No sites were allocated for development in Castle Hedingham: click here for the Local Plan map Castle Hedingham 2022