Annual Parish Assembly

CASTLE HEDINGHAM PARISH COUNCIL - Annual Governance and Accountability Return documents for the last financial year to March 31st 2020 are available to view here:

In 2020 due to social distancing restrictions our Annual Parish Meeting was cancelled, with government permission. The annual reports of the Parish Council are available using the links below, and electors have the right to inspect the accounts - please see the document "Notice of Public Rights 2020" and contact the Parish Clerk for more information:

Every year in May, the Parish Council distributes an Annual Report of its activities over the past year to all households in the village, and publishes the Annual Accounts on the noticeboard at St James Street. The Annual Parish Assembly is held shortly afterwards, which is an opportunity for parishioners to find out more about the work the Parish Council, District Council and County Councils are doing and comment on plans for the coming year.  Everyone is welcome.

Annual Parish Assembly Minutes 2018
Annual Parish Assembly Agenda 2019
Annual Accounting Statement 2018 - 2019
Annual Report 2019

The Audit Commission requires local councils in England with an annual turnover of £6.5million or less to complete an annual return summarising their activities at the end of each financial year. Castle Hedingham Parish Council's annual returns for 2017-2018 can be viewed using the links below: 

Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2019
Year End Bank Reconciliation 2019
Explanation of Variances 2019
Explanation of High Reserves 2019

Annual Minutes, Agendas, Reports and Accounts information for previous years can be viewed below:
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2017
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2018
Annual Reconciliation 2018
Annual Accounts 2017 - 2018
Annual Report 2018
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2017

Annual Report 2017
Annual Accounts 2016-2017
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2016

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2016

Annual Report 2016

Annual Accounts 2015 - 2016

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2015

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2015

Annual Report 2015
Annual Accounts 2014 - 2015
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2014
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2014
Annual Report 2014
Annual Accounts 2013 - 2014
Annual Report 2013
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2013
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2013
Annual Accounts 2012-2013 
Annual Report 2012
Annual Parish Meeting minutes 2012
Annual Accounts 2011-2012