Policies & Procedures

Castle Hedingham Parish Council has a new Grant Awarding Policy, adopted in June 2015, which can be downloaded here
Castle Hedingham Parish Council has adopted the following Braintree District Council policies and procedures, which can be accessed from their website: http://www.braintree.gov.uk/info

Conduct of Council Business: 

  • Standing Orders
  • Committee and sub-committee terms of reference
  • Delegated authority in respect of officers
  • Code of Conduct 

Provision of Services and Employment of Staff

  • Internal policies relating to the delivery of services
  • Equality & Diversity policy
  • Health & Safety policy
  • Recruitment policies
  • Policies and procedures for handling requests for information
  • Complaints procedures
  • Information Security policy
  • Records Management policies
  • Data Protection policies

Freedom of Information

  • Information available from Castle Hedingham Parish Council & Burial Board under the model publication scheme can be found here