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As part of the Transparency Code requirements introduced in the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, smaller Parish Councils are required to publish certain documentation on a publicly accessible website.  The list below contains links to other pages on this website where the relevant document is published, otherwise you can download it from this page.  Please bear with us as this is work in progress uploading past documents, as the requirements of the Transparency Code have only recently been finalised.  Monthly expenditure since April 2014 is published as separate documents at the bottom of this page. 

Braintree District Council's Local Plan was published for full public consultation during June/July 2016.  The Local Plan was due to be completed in 2017 but is now likely not to be finalised until 2019. It will determine which sites across Braintree District may be allocated for housing development during the period until 2033.  The Parish Council was consulted in March 2016 and is grateful for the excellent response rate to our survey from around 30% of parishioners, which enabled us to send a comprehensive response to BDC reflecting your views.  More information about the Local Plan can be found at  The full Parish Council response can be downloaded using the links below:

  1. Castle Hedingham Map of proposed sites for Local Plan
  2. Castle Hedingham Parish Council response letter
  3. Appendix A: Survey questionnaire
  4. Appendix B: Chart of survey questionnaire results
  5. Appendix C: Summary of comments from survey responses
  6. Appendix D: Significant statements from National Planning Policy Framework relating to Castle Hedingham

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