Community Access Defibrillators: Every Second Counts

Oct 10, 2017
Following a successful grant application to the Big Lottery Fund, the Parish Council has been awarded over £7,000 to install three Community Access Defibrillators in Castle Hedingham.  It is recognised that "every second counts" in the event of a cardiac emergency, with evidence that survival rates are as high as 75% in cases where defibrillation is carried out within 3 minutes, reducing by around 20% for every minute defibrillation is delayed.

With the support of the Community Heartbeat Trust, the Parish Council will be installing Community Access Defibrillators in three locations in the village:
  • Telephone kiosk, St James Street
  • Memories (outside wall), Crouch Green
  • Rushley Farm (outside wall), Rushley Green
All the defibrillators will be models designed for ease of use by non-trained members of the public.  Community awareness events will be organised to familiarise people with the process and equipment. The Parish Council has been supported through the project by the Community Heartbeat Trust, who have advised on the equipment needed and will continue to offer support and guidance to our community including running the awareness events.

Look out for details of our first awareness event once the defibrillators are installed.