Doorstep campaign to boost recycling

Aug 26, 2013

Our household recycling rate for the year 2012-13 stands at just under 57% and is the 3rd best in Essex thanks to the efforts of residents, but there is still too much recycling (including food waste) going into the grey bins. For example, food waste still in its original packaging gets tipped at landfill, whereas this waste (including its packaging) could easily be recycled instead. We estimate that approximately £430,000 a year in Landfill Tax could be saved if this waste were recycled, which would help keep Council Tax costs down.
Over the next six weeks, an eight-strong team of Recycling Advisors will be out talking to residents, answering questions and giving advice and information on recycling. Residents will be encouraged to make full use of the food waste and clear sack recycling collections to avoid recyclable waste going to landfill unnecessarily.
Councillor Wendy Schmitt Cabinet Member for Place said: “Our recycling collections systems are simple and easy to use and there is really no excuse for residents not to recycle. The Recycling Advisors are a key element in the programme of education to make sure that all residents are recycling as much as they can. They will offer practical advice and guidance and it is an ideal opportunity for residents who are not sure what they can and can’t recycle to find out face-to-face. Residents have done really well to push the recycling rate up again, but we can do even better if we can encourage those not doing so well to recycle more.”
The doorstepping team will be wearing hi-vis branded vests and ID badges and carrying a letter of authorisation, so they will be easy to identify. If you have any questions about the exercise please call the Council’s Customer Service Centre on 01376 552525.