January Crime Prevention Advice

Jan 4, 2016

Crime Prevention Advice
Marking your possessions makes them less attractive to burglars because they are hard to sell on and too hot to handle.
Every year we recover property worth thousands of pounds but are unable to return it to its rightful owner because it can’t be properly identified. We hope you are never the victim of theft but you can increase the chances of being reunited with any stolen items by registering them on the Immobilise website www.immobilise.com
Immobilise helps us identify the owners of recovered property every day. It's completely free and allows you to create a private and secure inventory all your personal property. All you need to do is register on the Immobilise website and list possessions identifiable by a unique reference number like IMEI, serial number, bicycle frame number etc.
Protecting your home against thieves is vital but marking your belongings, especially those with sentimental value, could deter thieves or help us prove they were stolen. Registering them with Immobilise makes it easier for us to identify you as the owner.

How can I mark my property?
There are several ways to mark your belongings and you can buy easy to use kits for each method from DIY stores.
Engraving or etching: Use an electric engraving tool to leave a permanent mark on most hard surfaces.
Ultraviolet marking: Use an ultraviolet pen to leave a mark which only becomes visible under a UV lamp. The mark can fade over time so needs to be renewed regularly.
Ceramic marking: Use ceramic marking pens to leave a permanent mark on china and glass without cutting or scratching the surface. 
Electronic marking: Modern televisions allow you to record your details electronically and prevent others accessing them with a security code.