Castle Hedingham Parish Emergency Plan

Nov 5, 2013

As chance would have it, storms and high winds last week coincided with the annual update of the Castle Hedingham Parish Emergency Plan.  Already changes have been made to respond to the issues that arose.  The Parish Clerk is able to contact a range of organisations in the event of a local emergency and now has a home telephone that works during a power cut - 01787 461126 (emergencies only please).  National emergency contact numbers have also been added to this website on the Contacts page.

The Parish Council is aware that the village responded to last week's events with a high degree of resilience and community spirit.  For example, in Bayley Street first thing on Monday morning, a passing trainee tree surgeon stopped to deal with a tree blocking the road (thank you to Sam and his chain saw), and may have been spottted later inspecting possible damage to the Cricket Ground.  Our village contractor, Chris Mortimer, quickly helped to deal with a tree which had fallen on a local resident's house and made a good job of clearing other debris which was blocking pavements and roads.  Jason Lindsay immediately and personally dealt with damaged Castle trees which were in danger of fallling on Sudbury Hill, despite plenty of work needed in his own grounds and a power cut which lasted until Thursday and caused cancellation of all the Hedingham Castle Halloween events. Thanks are due to all who responded to the needs of their neighbours and the village as a whole.

If you have any village experiences or photos you would like to share on this website, please contact the Parish Clerk on

UK Power Networks offer the following advice in the event of power cuts, and work in association with the Red Cross for those on the Priority Register who are in particular need of help: