Power supplies affected by high winds

Nov 5, 2013

For full UK Power Networks information please see http://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/internet/en/weather-warnings/

The storm was the biggest the company has coped with since 2002, and it caused extensive damage to overhead power lines. More than 1,000 specialist engineers were working hard with us from Liverpool, Yorkshire, South Wales, the Midlands and Northern Ireland.  

Customer service staff and volunteers from the British Red Cross, which works in partnership with UK Power Networks, were also on site helping people. There were help centres set up near villages without power in Suffolk, the worst affected county. UK Power Networks arranged these with the Suffolk local authorities, the Salvation Army, Royal Voluntary Service and Eastern Facilities Management Services to provide information, warm drinks and hot snacks for communities without power. UK Power Networks had a liaison officer at each location to provide information on the response and recovery from the storm.

Am I entitled to compensation?
We are writing to all customers who qualify for any payments following power cuts caused by Monday's storm.
You are entitled to a payment under a storm event if you were without power for 48 continuous hours. The statutory payment is £27 but as a gesture of goodwill because we understand the difficulties experienced by people last week, we have agreed to double this to £54.
You are entitled to a further payment for each 12-hour period thereafter and this again will be doubled by us to £54. This is capped at £432. All customers who qualify should receive a letter from us to explain this at the early part of this week.

Will UK Power Networks pay for my lost freezer food?
Unfortunately not. These payments detailed above are not designed as compensation and do not preclude customers from claiming on their home or business insurance for any loss. So please check with your home insurance company. We’re happy to confirm the details of the power cut if your insurance company need this information.

How to apply for compensation
All customers who qualify should receive a letter from us to explain this at the early part of this week. But if you haven’t heard from us then please contact us by:
• Completing an online form at http://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/internet/en/weather-warnings/
• Writing to Customer Relations (Storm Payment), Fore Hamlet, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 8AA.
To help us process this as soon as possible, please state the dates and times between which they were continuously off supply.