ECC: Special Educational Needs new website

Dec 2, 2022
Updated information, new resources and improved access to services across education, health and social care, are just some of the benefits of the new Essex Local Offer website.

The website, which is managed by Essex County Council (ECC), provides information about what Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) support is on offer for children and young people in Essex.

The aim is to improve families’ experiences of the Essex SEND system, empower parents and carers, and ensure children and young people continue to receive appropriate support that meets their individual needs.

There are different types of support that children and their families may need during their SEND journey. The new website makes it clearer how to access early help services and explains when a young person may require more intensive support.

ECC has worked with families and practitioners to develop and test the new website. Content has been updated and it is easier to move around the website to find relevant information more quickly.

Information is also presented in a new format which is clearer and more accessible for people using the site who may have SEND.

The new website is one part of ECC’s efforts to transform the Essex SEND system and improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. It will also support SEND practitioners in their work with families.

The site is available here: ECC will continue to listen to families and practitioners’ views about the new website to continuously improve it. Individuals can share their views on the new site by emailing