Braintree District Climate Challenge

Jun 1, 2021
We need your views on our draft Climate Change Strategy. If climate change matters to you, then we want to hear your thoughts.
Braintree District Council
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Your planet needs you: take part in our climate change challenge 

Please give your views and prioritise actions to help us tackle climate change across the district.

We have been working with a group represented by councillors, businesses, residents and community organisations across the district and their research has led to the creation of the draft climate change strategy which looks to make our council activities, as far as practical, carbon neutral by 2030. This ambition was extended to support the district as a whole to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and to support communities so they can adapt to the impacts of climate change.  

The key themes of the strategy are:

  • Resource Use
  • Energy Conservation
  • Planning and Development
  • Transport
  • Council Assets and Operations
  • Natural Environment
  • Adapting to Climate Change

As someone who has signed up to receive our planning e-newsletter we would welcome your feedback especially as many of the themes above are likely to be of interest to you.

The public engagement is open until 4th July 2021. 

Read the strategy and give your views

Have we got our priorities right? Your opinion counts!

We have put together an interactive engagement tool for you to use to feedback your priorities and ideas.

You’ll be presented with a number of options which reflect choices we could make to contribute to reducing our carbon emissions as well as our impact on the environment.

You will be asked to allocate 100 points on different initiatives for tackling climate change in the areas of:

  • Resource Use
  • Energy Consumption
  • Planning & Development
  • Transport
  • How the Council operates its assets
  • Natural Environment
  • How we should adapt to the effects of climate change
  • Actions that business can take
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Give us your views on our cycling strategy

Our plan for cycling

We recently unveiled our vision to encourage more people to cycle more often as part of our commitment to tackling climate change.

Our draft cycling strategy sets out how we will encourage more people to take up cycling and help improve the cycle network in both urban and rural areas.

We aim to:

• Double the number of cycling trips by 2030.
• Encourage residents to see cycling as a normal, enjoyable and everyday activity for the majority of short journeys.
• Develop a safer and more comprehensive cycle network for cyclists to give greater assurance, particularly for less experienced cyclists.
• Make cycling more inclusive and open to a wider demographic.

Our draft cycling strategy is now out for public engagement.

We are asking for views on which of these aspects, if any, should take priority in boosting the move to more cycling.

• Making improvements to the cycle networks
• Promoting cycling and cycling facilities
• Running campaigns to encourage the switch from car to bike, especially for shorter journeys
• Bike training to give people the skills to cycle with confidence

Please tell us what you think. The questionnaire will only take about 5 minutes to complete.

Your feedback will help shape the final version of the strategy and future action plans.

Have your say

Have your say on safer, greener, healthier travel in Essex

Active travel Map of Essex with Braintree highlighted alongside Colchester, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Wickford.

Plans to help turn Essex into a walking and cycling county are going on show to the public – and Essex County Council wants to know what you think.

Residents are being invited to give their views on safer, greener, healthier cycling and walking routes in five towns (including Braintree Town) across the county with the launch of the Active Travel Essex consultation.

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