National Grid Substation update

Aug 29, 2013

National Grid Reports: "During February and March this year, we asked people for their views on our proposed new substation and its location.
We have now considered the feedback received and were particularly interested to see if there was any new information that we should take into account.
We believe, on balance, of all the options we have considered, a substation site south of Sudbury on the A131 is the right option to maintain local electricity supplies.
Locating the substation between two areas of existing woodland at Butler’s Wood and Waldegrave Wood will provide immediate substantial visual screening with scope for additional tree planting. The site has the added benefits of not being overlooked by properties, has good road access off the busy A131 and is already crossed by a high voltage overhead line to which it would connect.
The substation is needed as part of a proposed 400,000 volt overhead line and underground cable connection between Bramford, near Ipswich, and north Essex. The project will connect new, low carbon power sources in East Anglia, helping to keep the country’s lights on in the future.
As a result of the consultation, we also agreed to review alternatives to a new substation including an underground cable to National Grid’s existing substation near Braintree. We carefully considered this option; however due to significant high costs and likely impacts on archaeology and biodiversity it was discounted.
We have now published our Consultation Feedback Report; this shows how we have taken account of the issues raised during the consultation period." 
You can keep up to date with any developments at the National Grid website